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My husband and I were out the other night with some friends having a few cocktails when our discussion turned to the topic of a merkin.  Don’t ask me how we got to this topic, just know we were there!  Initially I thought to myself, what the heck is a merkin.  As the discussion went on, we were informed that a merkin is a pubic toupee, yes, you read it right, a pubic toupee.   Apparently in the 1700′s mercury was used as an attempt to cure STDs and one of the side effects of the mercury was the loss of pubic hair so, to disguise the condition, a merkin was used. 

We joked and laughed for quite a while on this.  I then asked, what’s the correct spelling?  My husband chimed in and said, “you ought to check the Urban Dictionary.”  Again, I thought to myself, what’s that.  Well, let me tell you, it’s quite an interesting website that allows the users to define slang words and phrases.  From too posh to pushbaby goggles, and crop dusting to some pretty explicit sexual slang that the guys really enjoy!  My husband then proceeded to tell us that when he travels down to Mexico for work, which is basically every week, he and the guys turn to the Urban Dictionary when they get a few extra minutes for a laugh!  And he is getting paid for this!

So, getting back to the merkin.  When I looked it up in the Urban Dictionary, I especially liked this defintion…

‘something George Bush is constantly saying he is proud to be’

“ah am proud, to be a merkin citezin”

And for all you ladies out there who want to impress the guys, just bring the Urban Dictionary up in a conversation, the guys will think you’re great!

I dedicate this blog to Whitney!


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