Preteen Jerk

It’s official.  My son has turned into a preteen jerk!  He got back from his 3 day sleep away trip with his class on Friday, and not an hour has gone by when he hasn’t said or done something that was just out right JERKY!  It is not so much the severity of his jerkiness, it is the frequency that is most annoying.  Just when we get over one jerky thing, he does another.  We’re getting no recovery time.  It’s just a constant flow of irritation.

To top it all off, last night he hijacked my iphone and posted a photo of me on my facebook page without my permission.  In case you’re wondering, it wasn’t a nice attractive photo of me smiling.  It was this:


He’s a little shit, am I right!  One of my FB friends said I look like Dory.  Thanks a lot!!!

The only saving grace in this whole thing is that Sean and I seem to be irritating B as much as he’s irritating us, so it’s going both ways, which is nice.  Now I just need to think of a good revenge for the photo thing.  I’m thinking I might email all of his friends a picture of him sleeping with his little blankie and blue hippo.

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