Sports and Our Kids

Below is an article published by ESPN about kids and sports.  I think it’s a great article that talks to the fact that some parents are living their sports dreams through their kids, wanting them to be the “best”, pushing them to their limits and totally lose it when their kids have burned out. And if you think your kid is going to make it to the big leagues, well, check out these statistics that I recently heard.

Basketball – .03% or 3 in 10,000 high school basketball players will make it to the NBA;

Football – .08% or 8 in 10,000 high school football players will make it to the NFL;

Baseball – .44% or 1 in 200 high school baseball players will make it to the MLB; and

Hockey – .32% or 1 in 300 high school hockey players will make it to the NHL.

Get a grip mom and dad, if your kids want to play, then just let them play.  Whether they are good or no so good at it, they are doing it because they like the game and want to have FUN!  Don’t make it out to be more than it is.


Where the ‘elite’ kids shouldn’t meet

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