A Ketchup Stain, Not a Drip But a Plop!

The kids went back to school in mid August and now, 3 months later, it was already time for new sneakers. What these kids do to their shoes is beyond me but my boys DESTROY their sneakers. Once again, my oldest decided on white Vans, yes, white for a 13 year old. Surprisingly enough, his last pair of white Vans didn’t look half bad, albeit, they were now too small and pretty worn out on the soles.

It’s been a week since he got them and yesterday he comes into the house and asks if I can get ketchup stains out. Assuming that it was on his shirt or shorts, I responded, “yes, I usually pretty successful with stains.” As I am saying that, he comes in the house with this…

His new white shoe with a big ole ketchup stain on it.  And not just a little stain, a huge one!  I guess I have some work ahead of me in trying to get this stain out…any suggestions?


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