Thanks A Lot Honey!

For the last 5 days I have been miserably sick with a head and chest cold that had me down for the count.  Even though I felt like crap I still had to drag myself out of bed to get the kids to school, the orthodontist and even the store.  OMG we were out of soap, so yesterday morning I was at the store with my PJ’s under my sweatshirt buying freaking soap.

Today I started feeling a bit better so I decided to try and get back to a bit of the old routine.  After walking the dogs, I took a little walk myself and did a few sets of stairs in my neighborhood.  I came back home, cleaned up the house, swept the floor and started on the piles of laundry.  I actually had enough energy to get into the shower before noon.  But when I got into the shower, I was PISSED.  After having to go the store yesterday for the damn soap, you’d think my husband would actually put a new bar in the shower?  Nope, I had to get back out of the shower soaking wet and get another bar.

For real, I have to wash with this?

It’s the little things that drive me absolutely nuts.  Five days without mom in charge results in utter chaos around here.

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