My Daughter’s Insatiable Curiosity

My 8 year old daughter was very curious last night while I was tucking her into bed.

“Mommy?  How do you get a husband?”

“Well,  when you’re a grownup you meet a man who you like,  who you think is handsome and smart and funny,  and maybe he thinks you’re pretty and smart and thoughtful,  and then you decide you want to spend your life together. “

“Do you have to make a baby if you get married?”

“No,  you don’t HAVE to.”

“Does it hurt?”

“You mean to make a baby?”

“When the baby comes out.”

“Yes,  it can.”

“Do they give you shot or something?”

“They can.”

“Does the shot hurt?”

“A little bit.”

“How much?”

“Just like a little prick.”

“So how do you make a baby with a husband?”

I look at my watch.  It’s already 25 minutes past her bedtime.  “That’s a long story.  We’ll have to talk about that when we have more time.”

“But real quick,  what do you do?”

“You do special kinds of hugging and snuggling with your husband.”

“Let’s do that right now!  You and me!  I want to make a baby!!!!”  She had a huge smile on her face.

I struggle to think quickly.  I respond as calmly and seriously as I can.  “Well,  two girls can’t make a baby together like that,  but besides,  you’re still little and your body isn’t ready to do that yet.”


“Yes, my girl.”

“Can you hand me the rest of my stuffed animals?”

And then she rolled over to go to sleep.  I guess I answered all of her questions for the night.

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