The Christmas List – No Changes Allowed!

There will be no changing of the Christmas List!

I had to put my foot down yesterday to the whines and moans of my kids.  Do they not understand that it’s just not that easy to make changes to or totally make new Christmas lists at this point in time?  OMG I wanted to drop kick them.

In their minds it was no big deal.  Without sitting there getting into detail with them about how I’ve sent all their relatives their lists, made purchases weeks ago, both online and at the stores, and even have some of this stuff already wrapped, I simply said,

“Your lists are your lists and once submitted cannot be changed, PERIOD!”

Their reply, “What, are you kidding?”

“Nope, you weren’t able to go back and sit on Santa’s lap and tell him you changed your mind so your not pulling one over on mom.” I replied with a smile.

As they walked out of the room, I got he proverbial, “WHATEVER!”

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