Grandparents and Their New Kindle!

Our family is spread out all over the country so we tend to Skype a lot with our relatives.  My parents, who aren’t too great when it comes to technology, felt a bit left out that they weren’t able to Skype with the rest of us so, Santa brought them a Kindle Fire for Christmas.  Rather than just send them the box and leave them to figure it out, Santa thought it would be a good idea to set everything up for them prior to them receiving their gift since they live in Florida and the Geek Squad is not available on Christmas Day.  The thought being, if anyone could mess a Kindle up, Pop and Grandma would be the likely candidates!

With their Amazon and Skype accounts set up, along with post it notes stuck all over the Kindle pointing to the on/off switch, the camera and the such, they were ecstatic when they opened their gift.  Step 1 was complete, the Kindle was in their hands.

Step 2, to get them to see their kids and grandkids on their screen, not so easy!  I think I was on the phone with them for over an hour.

  • Turn on the Kindle and find the Skype icon and get them to understand “just touch the screen” – about 10 minutes
  • Log into Skype and explain how to get “online” – 30 minutes
  • Find the green phone icon and touch it to answer a call and then turn on the video camera – 20 minutes

It took a while but when grandma finally said,

“Oh my gosh, I can see,”

relief was in the air, it worked!

It was another 10 minutes of us saying,

“Take your fingers off the camera, we can’t see you but the new molding on the ceiling looks great, and you don’t have to hold the Kindle so close to your face!”

And then another 10 minutes of my parents saying,

“ok, how do I turn up the volume, where do I hang up and the battery is running low, where do I plug the cable in?”

Yes, it was frustrating but in the end, my parents were so happy to see their family so it was all worth it.  The next step was to tell them how to make a call on their own so they could Skype their granddaughter in Germany who is in the Army.  I knew this would just make their year so, I walked them through what they needed to do and hung up with them.

I quickly Skyped my niece to give her fair warning to expect their call and be patient with them.  Her response,

“Oh boy, let me grab a beer, this could take a while!”

It’s the little things that bring smiles!


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