Mom, What Were You Thinking?


Last week was down right crazy for me and the comment that I kept hearing from my kids all week was, Mom, what were you thinking?”

After three weeks off for the Christmas holiday and some MAJOR relaxation going on in this MommyWarrior’s house, the kids went back to school and it was time for mom to get back to the old routine again. I’m not sure what I was thinking but, for some reason, I didn’t gradually get back into it, I jumped in.  My calendar last week was friggin nuts (and also, my husband was out of town so there was no relief)!

  • (1) Dentist appointment, (4) orthodontist appointments (on the same day), (2) doctor appointments and (1) eye doctor appointment;
  • (3) volleyball practices and (1) training session, (3) baseball practices, (1) pitching lesson and (1) hitting lesson, (4) days of agility training, (5) days of football training along with a parent meeting, (2) flag football practices and (1) game;
  • Moved furniture out and cleared the walls of posters in (3) of my  kids bedrooms in order to get them ready for new hardwood flooring and packed it all into our master bedroom;
  • Ripped out carpet in (3) bedrooms in one day and lugged out countless rolls of carpet, backing and tacking, distributing them in garbage cans up and down my street before the garbage man could empty all the cans (slipping him a $20 helped, he asked no questions!);
  • Patched and painted both the ceilings and walls in (3) bedrooms until the wee hours of the morning, the whole time teary eyed as I painted over beautiful murals I had done for them when they were all little; and then
  • Moved all the furniture back into the rooms, vacuumed trophies and miscellaneous crap so once again I could have happy kids in new bedrooms!

Note to self, next time wear knee pads :)

So, to say that last week I was tired, sore, completely spent and not in the mood to read emails or let alone get anywhere near my computer is an understatement.  And to answer my kids‘ question as to what the heck I was thinking, I guess once again this mom bit off more than she could chew…but their bedrooms look great!  Maybe my kids will surprise my husband and I and re-do our room.  Fat chance mom!



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