Gamer Headset Hygiene

Ok, this is pretty gross.

My kids have an XBox 360 that is constantly on during their approved playing hours.  When the unit is on, you can be assured that one of my kids is wearing a headset to communicate with their friends playing on-line with them.

Today I had to the investigate a warranty on a yet another expensive gamer headset that “doesn’t work.”  While I searched on-line to figure out how the heck to find the serial number, I came across a little blurb that said the following,

The ear pads on our headsets are designed to be removable and replaceable.  Depending on the use, for hygiene reasons,  we recommend that you replace them every three months or so.

Every three months, are you kidding me, my kids have NEVER changed the ear pads on ANY of their headsets.  And let’s think about this, the headset goes from kid to kid, whether sick, sweaty, stinky, no shower, dirty ears, etc., no one (not even mom) thinks about how filthy those ear pads must be.  Well, I took the ear pads off this particular headset and I have to admit they were pretty skanky.  I then took a look at the plastic microphone piece  that they swing around in front of their mouths to talk and thought to myself, how many times have the kids spit on that?  Yuck, this prompted me to take a look at the headset that was still working and remove the ear pads and clean them to get the cooties off, in addition to, wiping off the microphone with some Lysol!

For all you germaphobes out there, you may want to consider getting each of your kids their own headset!

Happy Friday from MommyWarriors.


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