Beware the NoroVirus

Ahh, the Norovirus

I’ve read that the flu is bad this year but there is another nasty outbreak coming around.  Our house has been hit bad with the norovirus and it is VERY contagious.  I read recently where someone called it the ‘winter vomiting bug’ and that’s putting it mildly, this thing is vicious.  The good news is that the more people it hits in my house, the weaker it gets.  Symptoms come on very quickly.  Everyone started with a headache and some stomach cramps and when the vomited hits, and it hits hard.  Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, the uncontrollable diarrhea rears it’s ugly head.  I know you are probably saying “TMI (too much information) but I just felt the need to send out a warning.  So moms, get your bowls ready, the lysol out and carry some plastic bags in your purse because once the norovirus infiltrates your house, it’s not leaving any time soon!


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