Time to Take it Off!

Written by Alyssa Banko

Published in SCV Health &Family Magazine January 2013
A publication of The Signal

Time to Take it Off!

By now we’ve all come up with our New Year’s resolutions and hopefully, just hopefully, we have started on the execution rather than just thinking about them.  The one resolution that usually tops everyone’s list is weight loss – go figure.  We all pigged out over the holidays eating ourselves into a food coma, not worrying about how much weight was being added to our figures.

When that glittery ball dropped in Times Square to begin 2013, your resolution to lose weight became a reality.  In light of our crappy economy, big investments were made to support these weight loss resolutions, gym memberships were purchased, that hot new exercise DVD you saw on an infomercial were found in the mailbox, Jenny Craig got some new members and daily meals of protein shakes began.  I’m sure you also psyched yourself up by adding some cool new workout clothes to your wardrobe and a fancy new pair of super expensive sneakers.

Gyms were overcrowded the first few weeks of the year, new joggers started to show their faces on the roads around town and hikers were coming out of every crack and crevice on the trails.  These new exercisers were armed with the latest in fitness tracker gadgets such as FitBits, JawBones and FuelBands and hundreds of apps were purchased to monitor nutrition and fitness goals.

It’s now nearing the end of January.   Have you stuck to your strategy to lose that weight?  I’ll go out on a limb to say that, for various reasons, only a handful of you have stuck with it.  Here’s my take on it.

  • You can’t fit exercise time into your calendar.
  • There’s no time to plan and prepare healthy meals.
  • Going to the gym is more like social hour.
  • Exercising and breaking a sweat is far too hard.
  • If after a week you didn’t lose any weight, you gave up!

It’s very simple, as a society, we are lazy, over-eat and under-exercise, period.  Less than 5percent of adults participate in 30 minutes of physical activity each day.  By 2015, the percentage of American adults who are overweight or obese is expected to rise to 75 percent.  Pretty scary statistics if you ask me, such role models we are for our kids – yes, those little ones we let sit in front of a TV or computer screen for hours on end thus, adding to the overweight child statistic.

The latest fads and trends in fitness and weight loss don’t mean a thing unless you put forth the effort, they won’t take the weight off for you, there’s no app for that yet.  No one gives a crap about what you are wearing so throw on that old sweatshirt and get outside and do something, anything.  If you want to change the way you physically look, then you need to change your lifestyle.  Eat smarter, get your heart rate up on a daily basis and make some changes for yourself.  You are the only one that can be held accountable to keep your resolution to lose weight and only you can determine how your weight loss story will end.   Remember, researchers agree that breaking or creating a new habit only takes 21 days so, if you can make it through the initial 21 days, you’re golden and you can make 2013 your healthiest year yet!



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