How Do You Spell Miserable, F-L-U

Just when I thought we were over all the sickness from the norovirus last week, my son said to me yesterday during the Superbowl, “Mom, I don’t feel good and I’m really hot.”

A quick temperature reading had him at 104.  High enough in this mom’s book to be a little worried, I called the local Doctor’s Office (that is thankfully open everyday) and they were closing in about 30 minutes.  I got him up, had him brush his teeth and off we went.  The nurse quickly swabbed him for the flu and  then left the room.  While everyone else was home watching the Superbowl, I sat with my poor son as he moaned and groaned.


miserable with the flu

A few minutes later the doctor came and, as expected, the result was positive, he had the flu.

Since it came on quickly, the doctor suggested giving him the prescription Tamiflu and starting it right away.  The problem was that the only 24 hour pharmacy was across town.  I dropped my son off at home, had a few chips with salsa (while everyone else was having a good time watching the Superbowl) and back out I went.

Of course, nothing is ever easy when it comes to me.  The insurance card wasn’t working, even though I had just used it at the doctor.  I had two choices; 1) call the insurance company Monday morning, get it all straightened out and come back for the prescription; or 2) pay for the prescription and get him started on it right away.  I chose #2 and was flabbergasted to find out the prescription was $145!   I would have 7 days to get the insurance problem fixed and come back across town to get the refund and have them run it through insurance.

The next thing I know, the pharmacist comes back and tells me that she’s out of Tamiflu, all I could do was chuckle.  Thank goodness the other woman behind the counter said she was pulling Tamiflu out of a box she had just opened a few hours earlier and there were only two prescriptions left.  Dodged a bullet on that one.

By the time I got home, my dinner was cold, the Superbowl was over and I had to fight with my son to get him to swallow the Tamiflu capsule.  Quickly giving up that battle, I opened the capsule and poured the contents into some yogurt.  It ONLY took him an hour to eat the yogurt because he was convinced he could ‘taste’ the medicine in it.

Frustrated, I left all the dishes in the sink and went to bed only to lay there and think, which kid is going to get the flu next!


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