Eventually, We All Become Our Mothers!

It rears its head slowly at first.  We might catch ourselves saying something our mothers used to say.  Or we might experience déjà vu with our kids and realize we’ve acted the scene before, 25 years earlier, but we were the kid and now we are our mother.  Eventually, no matter how hard we try to fight it, we all become our mothers.

I remember when I was young and I’d borrow my mother’s jacket she’d always have wads and wads of tissue in her pockets.  “Mom! Why do you always have so much Kleenex?  That’s gross!”  Flash forward…my pockets are now filled with tissue.  You hit a certain age and your nose just runs and runs and runs.

I used to think my mom’s music was retarded.  She always had the “easy listening”  or “adult contemporary” channel playing on the car radio.  Yesterday, my kids climbed into my car and caught me listening to “Coffeehouse” on my XM radio.  For those who don’t know this channel, it is basically easy acoustic listening for people in their 40’s, but without the cheesy love songs.  The kids promptly changed the channel with a sigh of disgust.

And who hasn’t found themselves asking their kids, “Did you change your underwear today?”  Please!  Do I really need to go on?

So as I battle my “soon to be” high schooler and prepare for my younger ones to enter adolescence, I am reminded that just like my mom before me,  I will be the epitome of nerdy, dorky, smelly, gross, embarrassing, weird, ignorant, uncool, inexperienced, stupid, useless, naïve, old fashioned, antiquated days gone by to all of my kids.   And, just like me, my kids TOO will be all of those things to their children when they have kids.  And I can’t wait to throw it all back in their faces!  That’s what you get for thinking your mom isn’t totally awesome all the time!!!!

Peace out! (Don’t think my mom ever said that…)



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