Legos For Sale, Almost

I was so excited the other day when my boys said they were going to start selling their Legos on ebay.  I’m not kidding when I say we have over a million Lego pieces in this house, as well as, all the directions that go along with the different sets.  There are bins and boxes filled with them all over my family room and figures all over the house.  When my boys were younger, they were obsessed with Legos.  I can remember one Christmas in particular when I went shopping with my girlfriend at the Lego store and one of the employees had to help us bring all our purchases out to the car on a cart (Karen, remember that year!) and the SUV was filled with Lego sets from Star Wars and Harry Potter to boats and pirates.  Yes, it was easy shopping that year but, as most moms know, Legos are not the cheapest things around, so I didn’t get away without some yelling from my husband that year.

So, the boys spent a few hours in the family room going through bins and making piles of potential auction items for ebay.  There was some arguing about whose Legos belonged to who but, for the most part, they were working together taking pictures and determining prices.

Here I thought to myself, finally we are going to clear out a bunch of Legos.  When they were all done and went outside, I anxiously logged into my ebay account (since they were using my account)  to see how much they were getting rid of.  After all the time and effort they had put into their little project, there was only one freakin auction that they had posted, attempting to sell 6 Lego figures with “very cool” Lego weapons.

WW2 American Infantry Lego figures

At least the boys took the initiative to learn how to sell on ebay but, my thoughts of having a Lego-free family room at last were squashed in an instant.  I’m hoping they will get the urge to sell a few hundred thousand more in the near future!

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