Dad Needs Texting Lessons

My husband finally switched from a Blackberry to an iPhone and he is, according to the kids, one of the worst texters around!  He didn’t text all that much with his Blackberry but now that he has the new iPhone, the kids have drawn the line telling him that he’s a technological caveman and he’s got to get with the program.  So, bless his heart, rather than calling them on their phones, he attempts to text them and the kids crack up when they read his messages.  They now insist that they give him some texting lessons.  They advise him to do the following…

  • Pay attention to the auto-correct because most of the time they have no idea what the heck he’s trying to say since he just types and sends, he never reads what he types!
  • He needs to learn some commonly used texting abbreviations and acronyms rather than text a ‘freakin book’ in every message.
  • Make sure his phone is on vibrate so when they do send him a text he doesn’t have a ‘ridiculous ringtone like mom does’.   And,
  • Be sure to communicate with them via text, calling them is just not cool.  If he tries to call they will most likely just ignore it!

Isn’t it amazing how kids these days are sooo perfect?  I can’t wait for the day when their kids make fun of them!


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