Mom, Don’t Go In There!

Mom’s bladder is just not the same after giving birth to 4 kids so, when I feel the need to go, I REALLY HAVE to go.

Yesterday morning I was out doing yard work when the ‘I have to pee’ feeling came over me.  I ripped off my gloves, ran into the garage and kicked off my shoes, bolted down the hall to the bathroom, only to find the door closed with this on it….


I stood there cursing the kids up and down and shouting the  f-bomb quite a few times before I ran to another bathroom.  Leave it to my kids to not say a darn word to mom that we had a problem with the toilet.  They had all morning to say something, but no, all I got was a note.

After fixing the toilet problem I thought, well, I guess it could have been worse.  The door could have been open, no note and just a wonderful surprise waiting for me!

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  1. pat says:

    Great story I am sure this has happened to mAny families without benefit of a note

  2. pat says:

    Great story I’m sure this has happened to a number of families but without a note. Typical.

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