It’s Jerky Time…Not!

My son was so tired the other night that he actually went up to bed early, or so I thought.  When I went upstairs to check on all my kids before I went to bed, like I do every night even though they are all teenagers, I found him in an interesting position.  I wish I had my phone with me to take a picture because it was classic.

I turned the hall light, opened his door and quietly crept inside his room.  He was flat on his back with his mouth wide open.  His left hand was resting on top of the iPad with the charger cord wrapped around his wrist and his right hand was INSIDE a bag of Jack Link’s Beef Jerky.  So much for going to bed early, he was playing games and snacking when I thought he was fast asleep.

I gently removed the iPad and the cord and then went for the beef jerky bag.  With one crinkle of the bag his head popped up and said, “Hey, I’m eating that!”  With his eyes still closed and obviously still asleep, he started chewing the jerky that must have been sitting in his mouth.  Not wanting him to choke on the freakin jerky, I shook him to wake him up and said, “spit the jerky out.”  He had no idea where he was but continued to chew.  Like any mom would do to avoid her child from choking, I sat him up, stuck my fingers in his mouth to pull out the jerky and even picked a piece out of his braces.  He then realized what was going on and started to spit out the remaining jerky remnants into my hand.

I stood there with a handfull of half eaten beef jerky mixed with a bunch of spit and said to myself, I LOVE BEING A MOM!

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