Friday’s Mother’s Day Gift Ideas From MommyWarriors

Mother’s Day is almost here, do you have what you need for those special moms in your life?

Maisie Knowles of knows that Mother’s Day isn’t just about honoring your mom, but also recognizing the efforts of your wife, your sister, your grandma and other important mothers in your life.  Finding the perfect gift for your mom is challenging enough, so consider these ideas for moms in different stages of life from Maisie’s gift guide below.

Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Newbie mom
These moms are first-time mothers or moms-to-be.  They love snuggling with their wee one and marvel at chubby little feet and hands.  For these moms, a high-quality digital camera is the perfect gift to help them capture all those firsts.  Consider cameras like the Nikon 1 or Sony Nex-5 for size, ease-of-use and other great features of a DSLR.

Other gift ideas: a Shutterfly photo book of her baby’s first days, handprints of her little one, or a canvas print of her first family picture.

Mom with toddlers
Moms in this category rarely get a second to herself.  Even locked in a bathroom, her little toddlers will find her.  This mom needs time to relax and regroup.  Top on the list for this mom is a day at the spa where she can relax and be pampered.  Save up to 16-percent on this gift when you purchase a discount SpaFinder gift card through

Other gift ideas: a good night’s sleep at a hotel, a quiet adult dinner out, or simply a day to herself.

Mom to tweens or teenagers
This mom is spending plenty of time in her car chauffeuring her kids between school and activities.  She could use an iPad mini to help pass time while in the carpool lane or at kids dentist appointments.

Other gift ideas: Kindle reader, Sirius Satellite Radio subscription, a nice watch or personalized birthstone jewelry of her entire family.

Empty nester
With kids no longer at home, this mom has the opportunity to explore and gain different interests.  Although what she wants most is to spend time with her kids.  The perfect gift for this mom is quality time with her family, just don’t make her cook or clean.

Other gift ideas: monthly gift clubs (like wine-of-the-month or cheese-of-the-month), hobby sets like painting, gardening or culinary.

These lovely ladies just can’t get enough of their grandkids.  They love sharing stories about their children and grandchildren with friends and family.  A great gift for this mom is a Shutterfly scrapbook filled with memorable moments of her growing family.

Other gift ideas: preloaded digital picture frame, WiFi tablet like Google Nexus 7 with Skype and a forward-facing camera.

I know that I would welcome ANY of these gifts listed above!

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