Mom’s Crazy Summer Days

As moms, we all think that once our kids are out of school for the summer we get to relax a little.   What a tease that is!

Okay, I’ll admit, the kids and I did have a few days of doing absolutley nothing, staring at the TV and ordering in pizza.  But that didn’t last long at all.  My last three weeks have been nothing but constant running around and I truly apologize for not being online and keeping up the blogbut I really didn’t have all that much time on my hands. 

I’ve had kids all all over the country for one thing or another.  One traveled to Indiana to play lacrosse with the big boys at the Notre Dame lacrosse camp and realized that once you get to college you have to do an awful lot of walking to get where you need to be.  Another went to Florida to visit my parents and do some tarpon fishing while getting spoiled by his grandparents.  My little soldier headed to Gettysburg to take part in the 150th Anniversary of the Gettysburg battle and figured out he certainly likes he fact that Southern California has no mosquitos.  An lastly, my daughter headed to Dallas for the Junior National Volleyball Championships and played her little heart out to help her team secure being the #15 15s team in the nation leaving with a goal for next year to make it to the top 4.

And where was mom while all this was taking place?  Well, right in the midst of things of course.  Still driving kids to practices and airports.  Traveling from city to city, living out of a suitcase, sleeping on pull out coaches, staying in local Bates Motels, not to mention being stressed out beyond belief watching my 14 year old daughter being scouted by college coaches in some of the toughest volleyball matches she’s ever played.  I blew my diet, worked out out zero times and was beyond exhausted when I finally got home.

 But when I did get home, I knew my kids had a great time doing what they love and that’s all that matters.  The house was as dirty as it was when I left, the dogs were still alive and my garden welcomed me with some mighty fine ripe tomatoes.  Even though it’s been in the triple digits since I touched down at LAX,  there really is something to be said about being home and  sleeping in my own bed.

So, the practices continue, the weather keeps getting hotter and I’m back in mom mode.


Hope everyone is having a great summer!

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