What’s on Today’s Lunch Menu?

Packing lunches for the kids these days is very different than in years past.  With 4 teenagers, I now have to pack in bulk for them.  They are eating me out of house and home and it’s costing a small fortune. Two pounds of lunchmeat will maybe last three days and I now buy bread four loaves at a time and throw them in the freezer.

No longer is it just one sandwich and some crackers for each of them.  The boys each want 3 sandwiches, they want a variety and they are very specific in their request.  The picture below is the pile of sandwiches for my two 13 year olds.  1 ham, 2 ham and cheese, 1 turkey and cheese with mayo, 1 peanut butter and jelly on bread and 1 peanut butter and nutella on bread.  My goodness these kids can pack it in.  And yet when they get home from school, they’re famished!


As for snacks and fruit, of course none of them want the same thing, one wants Doritos, the other Baked Lays, green grapes for three of them and red grapes for one.  Sour Patch Kids, beef jerky, Clif Bars (different flavors of course), Ritz Crackers, gummy snacks and raisins in the big box top off the list.  This is just one day of lunches.

No longer do they use the cute little brown bags, the plastic Walmart bags work better!  Even when they are packing it all up and running out the door they are still going to the closet and looking for more.

So far, this mom has done pretty darn good, I haven’t messed up an order yet but, I know my time will come when I screw it up and that’s when I’ll tell them to text me what you want or else you get what you get!




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